There are SO many ways to help our school raise money.  Many of the items you purchase and use every day offer ways to give money back to TCA.  Check out some of these options and find ways that you can help.

Pray for TCA

You can support The Church Academy is by joining us in prayer for the future of our students, the wisdom of our faculty, staff, and administration. We believe in the power of prayer, and we know that nothing is impossible with God.

If you would like to submit a prayer request, you can fill out this form!

Community Coffee

Every label counts and we appreciate the time you take to cut these labels off of boxes, cans, bags, etc.

Enjoy a cup of “joe” and help support The Church Academy by clipping eligible Community Coffee UPCs/Proof of Purchase Seals (including coffees, teas, non-dairy creamers, sugar and coffee filters) and send them to school in an envelope or ziplock with your child’s name and homeroom teacher written on it.

Don’t make coffee at home or the office? Only stop by your neighborhood CC’s? You’re in luck, Community Cash for Schools has thought of everything and offer a “Coffee House Card” at each location. Visit and register your “Coffee House Card”. You will be asked to input the Christian Life Academy school code (100843).

This fundraiser is on-going, so please turn or collect labels from Community Coffee products through the summer. The school will hold the labels and turn them in next fall for next year’s collection.

Community Cash for Schools is a program that accepts UPCs from Community Coffee products and are redeemed for cash to spend at its discretion. There are no stipulations on how the money is spent. Schools can choose to allocate the money toward new textbooks, computers or even events.

Box Tops of Education

This program is so much more than the term, “Box Tops”. You can find hundreds of items with the pink label & yellow pencil. From canned goods to the freezer section and paper goods in between, look for them on the products you buy. This is an on-going fundraiser that earns cash for our school with out costing you a dime.

Box Tops:  Please clip Box Tops coupons from participating products and send them to school in an envelope or ziplock with your child’s name and homeroom teacher written on it.  Don’t be shy…ask your relatives, friends and neighbors to save them too!

Box Tops Marketplace:  Another easy way to help our school is to order merchandise online from a wide choice of stores through Box Tops “Marketplace”.  Simply sign up on their website, and Box Tops will donate a percentage of your purchases when you place your order via their website.

Percentages donated vary, depending on the store.  For example, if you order supplies online from Office Depot through the Box Tops website, our school will receive a 3% donation from Box Tops PLUS you can use Office Depot’s 5% Back to School Program (our school’s  ID is 70234800) and earn our school an additional 5% merchandise credit from Office Depot.  Click here for a list of participating stores and their donation percentage.

Coca Cola Rewards

For over 80 years, Coca-Cola has been supporting schools and providing resources that help create exciting opportunities for students. The My Coke Rewards for Schools program refreshes this longstanding commitment by enabling your community to support all the ways kids play and make great things happen for your school. You can donate My Coke Rewards points to eligible accredited schools grades K-12, and help them get things like athletic equipment, classroom supplies, learning aids and more.

By the end of 2011, CLA had collected over 18,000 points to be spent at the Coke Rewards store. We were able to purchase over $400 worth of PE equipment for Coach Yowell to use with her elementary and middle school students. The kids will now be able to play lots of new games inside and outside with our new parachute, bean bags, and variety of balls.

Please continue to send in your Coke bottle caps. Who knows what we’ll be able to purchase next?

Campbell's Labels for Education

Campbell’s Labels for Education

For more than 30 years, Labels for Education has been awarding free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. It’s a fun, easy program where CLA students, families and members of the community can work together for a common goal. Learn how you can help your school earn points to redeem for free merchandise!

Just follow these guidelines when preparing your submission. Labels should be sent to school with your student and given to a teacher.

For your convenience, ONLY UPCs or caps may be submitted for redemption. Clip & save UPCs & caps from participating Labels for EducationSM Brands products. 

Separate the following groups:
UPCs worth 1 point each / UPCs worth 5 points each / Beverage Caps / Bonus Certificates

UPCs: Place UPCs ONLY in either a paper lunch bag or envelope. Remember to keep 1- and 5-point UPCs separate. Write the quantity of UPCs and the point value on the paper lunch bag or envelope. Note: Please do not use staples or excessive amounts of tape when preparing your UPC submissions, as these materials are not recyclable.Beverage Caps: Group in quantities of no more than 100. The beverage caps should be counted and placed in sealed clear plastic bags or paper lunch bags. Write total quantity and total point value of beverage caps on outside of clear plastic bags or paper lunch bags.Bonus Certificates: Place in paper lunch bags or envelopes and mark “Bonus Certificates.” Write total quantity and total point value of Bonus Certificates on each paper lunch bag or envelope. Pack in first box and label Box #1.
Note: Bonus Certificates must be received prior to listed expiration date. Do not mail Bonus Certificates separately.