26490 S Frost Rd. Livingston, LA 70754
Phone: 225.698.9312

The Church Academy Livingston Testimonial

“TCAL has been a wonderful opportunity for my daughter Natalie, who started attending as a fresh four year old. Though hesitant at first, she soon began to love and look forward to her days at school. My husband and I have seen a tremendous improvement in her self confidence. It was a pleasure to see our daughter proudly reciting pledges and worship songs on the altar. After a few short months, she began the early stages of reading and sounding out words. It’s fun to see her delight in learning to read! I personally love the culture and atmosphere of the school. It’s such a warm place, and peaceful, yet carefully caters to each child’s learning preferences. I am thankful to have TCAL and their team of teachers partnering with me to help mold and guide Natalie in all that God has called her to be.”

– Brooke King