The Arete Scholars’ Fund is a resource that will allow for middle to lower income families the ability to afford a Christian Education.

Arete Scholar's Fund

Arete Scholars’ Fund awards annual scholarships to families wishing to provide their children with a Christian education but are unable to afford full tuition. Families may apply for these scholarships beginning in February and March for following school year. Funds are often completely awarded by the summer. In order to qualify for the Arete Scholars’ Fund, please read the criteria by clicking on the button below.


They were Potters in my life, molding me into the person I am today... I came to faith in Jesus Christ at CLA, grew in my relationship with Him daily, was challenged, stretched, corrected in love, and released into a world that needs Him desperately... so that I could in turn spread the same passion and love for Him that I learned there.

Andrea Lusk Bransford, Class of 1987