The Church Academy Baton Rouge Tuition and Fee Schedule

The Church Academy has a vision of providing Christian education for children of all Christian families attending and serving in their local church. Therefore, we try to make tuition as affordable as possible.

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Registration Fee: $300 (Due at the time of enrollment)

Curriculum and Resource Fee: $250 (Due by July 1st)

Academic Excellence Fee: $1,000 For Each NEW Family

Grade Level

Non-Member Tuition

Member Tuition

K3 – Kindergarten



1st – 5th



6th – 8th



9th – 12th



2nd Student: 10% Discount

3rd and Consecutive Student: 15% Discount

** A $300.00 Computer Lease Fee is added to tuition for students in 6th – 12th grade. This fee will be included in the tuition payment plan schedule.

The Church Academy does not service IEPs or 504 plans but will try our best to accommodate those students that need simple classroom accommodations.  The following accommodations will require the parent to pay an additional cost to cover a classroom paraprofessional that will help the teacher in accommodating the students’ needs: Test read aloud, shortened assignments, answers recorded, transferred answers, organizational skills, small group testing, more one-on-one time and other accommodations that requires the use of a paraprofessional.  These accommodations will be discussed with the administrator and team of teachers to see if the accommodations are necessary.