Shaping Hearts and Sharpening Minds by Becoming Conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ

The Church Academy (TCA) strives for excellence in all aspects of spiritual, academic, social, and personal development. The school ministry is designed to serve Christian parents who desire a Christian education for their children. It is an integral part of The Church and adheres to the church’s standards, beliefs, purposes, and vision.

TCA will obey Scripture to educate children of Christian families by:

  • Serving the church.
  • Partnering with parents and their home church.
  • Building student’s faith, character, and skill.
  • Being excellent stewards of the resources God provides.
  • Glorifying God and passing the Gospel of Jesus Christ onto generations.

The Church Academy Vision

“The Church Academy strives for high academic excellence in education by equipping students to Be Conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ”

Biblical Worldview
State Approved
High Standards
Accredited through AdvancEd


They were Potters in my life, molding me into the person I am today... I came to faith in Jesus Christ at CLA, grew in my relationship with Him daily, was challenged, stretched, corrected in love, and released into a world that needs Him desperately... so that I could in turn spread the same passion and love for Him that I learned there.

Andrea Lusk Bransford, Class of 1987